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As a Mumbaikar, your life is impacted by the metropolis that lives and breathes around you.
If this inspires you to take a photograph, to write a poem or to share some interesting facts about the city, we encourage you to fill out the form below.
The content you submit will be celebrated by the IHS Mumbai team either on our website article repository or on our social media.

Send us something you have created that is an ode to Mumbai city and
we will feature it on our Social Media Handles

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Disclaimer: I hereby agree to voluntarily share this content created by myself with the Indian Heritage Society in Mumbai and have no issue with them sharing this content forward (with due acknowledgement of my effort in the form of post content mentions) in their Social Media. This sharing is purely for the purpose of furthering the basic agenda of love and respect for Mumbai city and cannot be used for commercial purposes. The Indian Heritage Society may use my material for promotional content and raising awareness for its various Mumbai-centric programmes.